Who Knew? Peter Sellers

by Staff on September 10, 2014


petersellersPeter Sellers would have been 88 years old this week. You probably know that Peter Sellers was considered a comedic genius of the highest order and is best remembered for playing bumbling Chief Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies. Here’s 6 facts about him that you probably didn’t know.

1. Real name:

Richard Henry Sellers. His parents however called him Peter after his stillborn older brother. Weird. Who knew?

2. Joined the Royal Air Force in 1943:


Sellers hoped to become a pilot, but his poor eyesight kept him on the ground. Who knew?

3. Played the drums:

Sellers played the drums with a number of touring bands among his other talents and was even billed once as “Britain’s answer to Gene Krupa.” Who knew?

4. 1964 was a good year:

Sellers starred in both Dr. Strangelove and The Pink Panther in 1964. Either one of those films would have been a career making achievement for an actor. For Sellers, it was simply a very good year. Who knew?

5. Was married 4 times:

Ann Howe 1951-1961

Britt Ekland 1964 -1968
Peter Sellers, actor (died 07/1980)

Miranda Quarry 1970-1974

Lynne Frederick 1977-1980. Who knew?
lynne frederick

6. Died from a heart attack at age 54:

Sellers was a manic-depressive personality who by nearly all accounts was a deeply unpleasant person to be around in real life, dramatically different from the comedic characters he portrayed onscreen, due perhaps in part to a long history of alcohol and drug abuse. Who knew?


Here’s the gag-reel from the Pink Panther movies, which is a hoot!

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