Slumber Party Massacre: In 7 Scenes

by Jay Hood on October 1, 2014


Slumber Party Massacre

We begin our month long Halloween celebration with this gem from 1982, Slumber Party Massacre, starring the lovely Michelle Michaels as Trish. Spoiler alert: This is a slasher film so blood will be spilled and towels will be dropped.

Slumber Party Massacre

The parents are in a rush to get to the airport. Mom was nice enough to leave some chips by the sink and soda in the fridge. There is also a creepy next door neighbor to look in on them, so what can possibly go wrong? Despite Mom’s worries, Trish assures them everything will be fine. Sure it will.

Slumber Party Massacre

Trish is on the basketball team and, after using the red phone to place a call to the White House, calls the rest of the team over and orders a pizza. Along with the chips and soda Mom left behind, this is shaping up to be one hell of a party!

Slumber Party Massacre

The appearance of dismembered bodies in the trunk signals that the T&A portion of the movie is drawing to a close and the blood and guts segment is about to begin.

Slumber Party Massacre

Thankfully they ordered a pizza. That body in the refrigerator probably spoils the tuna casserole the parents left behind. But where is that pizza guy? Thirty minutes guaranteed.

Slumber Party Massacre

Well this explains a lot. No tip for this pizza delivery guy. As an aside, they still ate the pizza.

Slumber Party Massacre

At this point, the director pulls out the slasher film checklist and starts working down the page. We’ve got chase scenes in the dark. We’ve got screaming. We’ve got power tools. I think you know the drill.

Slumber Party Massacre

Don’t expect to get much sleep, because this slumber party is going to be a massacre!

Enjoy a sneak peek, then rush right down to your local video store to rent the entire thing. Or just check the whole thing out on youtube.

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