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As Shakespeare once said: brevity is the soul of wit. And so every Monday we will sponsor a micro-fiction contest where we ask you to throw down your best story of 250 words or less in response to an image we provide. Your “micro-ficton” entry can assume any form your wish: a fake news article, literary fiction, monologue, dialogue, poem, play or anything that strikes your fancy, but under no circumstances can it be more than 250 words (longer entries will be disqualified from competition). Simply click on the headline above to open the post then enter your submission in the COMMENTS section.

We’ll announce the winner of the contest at the end of the week on Sunday. The winner’s story and bio will be posted in the Garage. Furthermore, the winner of the weekly micro-fiction contest shall lay claim to the handsome Excelsior Award and be eligible for entrance into the HALL OF VICTORY. Those who win the weekly contest three times shall be retired from active competition but shall live on for all eternity in our version of Cooperstown.

This week’s Micro-fiction Monday: “Landsharknado” – Image and story by Jay Hood.

landsharknado with circle

Rumors have long persisted about the existence of a phenomenon called the Landsharknado. Frat-boys and woo-woo girls alike have claimed to have seen this diabolical creature through the years, their panicked proclamations of shock fueled by alcohol and thus dismissed by the general public at large. Recently, however, very real evidence has surfaced in the form of this image taken at Camden Yards in Baltimore. Let this serve as a warning should you encounter the beast. The creature seeks out polo shirts, flip-flops, denim skirts, plaid shorts and baseball hats. Likewise, it is especially drawn to those preoccupied with their cell phones, swimming past the feet of unsuspecting victims in a wave of peanuts shells, hot dog wrappers and other miscellaneous debris, as one hapless girl woefully discovered this Sunday past, upended by the Landsharknado’s savage flipper, catapulting her and her nachos through the air in great gobs of fluorescent cheese and fiery red salsa.

The Landsharknado has indeed claimed its first verified victim.

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