Mad Max: Fury Road is F#%&ING Amazing!

by Nate "Chops" Johnson on May 17, 2015


MAXHARDY1I just walked out of a screening of Mad Max: Fury Road. What…did I…just see?! Writer/director George Miller dropped the proverbial mic on all action car chase thrillers. Nothing else compares. French Connection car chase? No. Bond car chases? No. Fast and Furious car chases? HELL NO!


I feel like I left brain matter splattered all over the back of the theater seat because my mind was just blown. B.L.O.W.N. Blown from the two hours of nonstop high-octane vehicle chase sequences in the film I just experienced. No, I didn’t SEE the film. I EXPERIENCED this film. When the credits roll and the lights of the theater go up, you will understand exactly what I’m talking about.

I think it’s fair to say that a good 75% of the movie is desert car chases. And each and every one of them is INTENSE; the audience white knuckled on their arm rests the entire time. After the first action sequence, someone let out a “whew” of relief and the entire theater erupted in a quick laugh because we all just went through the same tense moments together and needed to collectively breathe. You barely have time to process what you just saw and take another breath, though, before the next insane chase or fight sequence is happening. The timing, choreography, and skill it took to achieve what we see in the finished product is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. By the way, all the chases, wrecks and explosions were practical EFX. Every bit of it was real and happened for the camera. Not created in a dark post production office.


Though Tom Hardy gets top billing and the movie is named for his character, Max Rockatansky, it’s really more Imperator Furiosa’s story played by Charlize Theron. A shaved head blue-eyed beauty that wears motor oil for eye shadow, who also has a robotic arm, which sort of makes her look like a sexy Trap-Jaw from He-Man.


She is fed up with the way things are run, so she decides to flee the citadel home base in the Wasteland where she and thousands of others are controlled by being starved for food and water by the evil Immortan Joe, played by Hugh Keays-Byrne who played Toecutter in the first Mad Max film.


The surprise performance was by Nicholas Hoult, from About a Boy, who played Nux. A chaotic hooligan on a path to destroy, who is sort of a sympathetic lost soul looking for meaning to his life and purpose in his death.

The art direction and style of the movie alone is worth the price of admission. The vehicles are amazing. They look like Geiger showed up to a carhop and military junkyard, then Frankensteined a bunch of vehicles together to make UBER vehicles complete with 10 foot monster-truck wheels and tricked out exhaust pipes that shoot flames 20 feet into the air. The costumes are scary, but beautiful. The designer, Jenny Beaven, deserves an Oscar for creating a sort of a post apocalyptic disturbingly erotic fetish scene that was both mesmerizing yet hard to look at. Outfits complete with nipple cut-outs, hoses connected to a breathing apparatus, and fang-laced chastity belts, just to describe a few. “Wasteland” chic, if you will.

I don’t want to give away any plot, nor describe scenes and details in the movie that will ruin any sort of cinematic surprises for you, but I will say this, the movie has been over for an hour now and I’m STILL pumped. So much high-octane adrenaline is still rushing through my veins that I feel like I could breathe flames 20 feet into the air myself. I feel like I need to go get in a bar fight just to calm down right now.

So the point I’m trying to lead up to is, this is a crazy, insane, and chaotic action film where everything came together perfectly from the simple plot to the cinematography, to the costumes. Though this is clearly art, this is a “dude movie”. But not just A “dude movie” this year. This is THE “dude movie” of the year. So grab your buddies, bros, homies, friends, dudes, buckle up and hold on because watching this movie is the cinematic equivalent of sitting behind a jet turbine. Mad Max: Fury Road is nothing short of F%@#ING AMAZING! What a lovely day!

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Nate Johnson (Sr. Contributing Editor, Los Angeles)

Nate “Chops" Johnson currently holds more than a dozen competitive bearding titles, including 6, 1st place victories, and 2 for Best In Show. He lives in Los Angeles, and enjoys Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

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