State of Grace – Jon Quick and the LA Kings Skin San Jose

by Tony Shea on May 1, 2014


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If you’re an LA Kings fan you were undoubtedly hung over this morning from getting stinking drunk on joy juice last night – that seldom distilled 180 proof adrenaline that occasions sweet glorious victory. Last night the Kings defeated the San Jose Sharks to win the Stanley Cup! Wait, that’s wrong. Impossible in fact, but the feeling of the Kings’ victory over their hated west coast rivals produced a similar sense of drunken astonishment.

Becoming only the fourth team in NHL history to come back from being down 0-3 in a series to win in seven games, the Kings ground down the higher octane Sharks, digging into deeper reserves, wanting it more, out-toughing them and ultimately leaving a demoralized team in ruins. And it was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! I loved. I cherished it. I hoped many in San Jose were crushed. I swam in the warm waters of their unhappiness, staring up at the sky, the future boundless and blue.

The Sharks always worry me. I always feel like they can score at will. But there’s something about them that feels too slick, like they can only function if everything goes as planned. And I’m sure that in this series they thought they were going to sweep the Kings away and breeze into the second round well rested. But the Kings are tough. And they grind and grind on defense and, of course, they have a kind of saint tending the net, a haloed spirit, exalted. I’m talking about Jonathan Quick, who, after getting shellacked in the beginning of the series, has returned to his old form – the form that won the Kings the Stanley Cup two years ago.

Jesus of the Hockey Rink.

This save (SCROLL TO 1:05) is simply a miracle! Buoyed by this tremendous save and the fact that they managed to shut down 7 Shark power plays, the Kings took over and let’er rip.

Next the Kings take on the even more loathed Anaheim Ducks, who should be worried – because the Kings have now vaulted one of the tallest mental hurdles that any team can face. Anything they face now will likely be easier. It already feels like the Kings won the Stanley Cup again.

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Tony Shea ( Editor-in-Chief, New York)

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