Chris Pine – Hottest Guy in the World (This Month)

by Mary Kay Holmes on January 2, 2015


Photo courtesy of Details Magazine

“I was raised to be charming, not sincere.” – The Prince, Into the Woods

Several years ago, while working on a theatrical production with Chris Pine, he stripped down to change clothing while I was in the men’s dressing room chatting with one of the other actors. This was right before Star Trek opened, and I was only mildly familiar with his handsomeness, however the experience left me with three very valuable realizations:

1. Men’s dressing rooms are super awesome
2. I CAN maintain professionalism while surrounded by half (and fully) naked men
3. I have FANTASTIC peripheral vision (thank you, Universe)

For the next month, as I watched glossy eyed women and mildly annoying press continually attempt to follow Chris into the theatre, I would think to myself, “You are all correct to want to chase that ass – it IS a spectacular site.”


Photo courtesy of Details Magazine

As if sporting the Star Trek uniform and throwing his steely Kirk stare around isn’t hot enough, now he’s the naughty, pompous, and hilarious Prince in the Into the Woods film. When he ripped his blouse open while leaning on a waterfall in overblown agony, I was both amused and slightly turned on. No matter how hilarious he is while emoting, I find myself longing for the erotic smirk he effortlessly rests in between lines.


Photo courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter

I would be lying if I said I didn’t spend an hour after the film fantasizing about snapping photos of him in a white tee drinking coffee and smiling at me. My camera is always charged and ready, Chris, just shoot me a text and I’ll head over anytime. I’ll even stop and grab you a steaming cup of joe on the way, just so I can watch them write “Captain Kirk” on the cup.

I also may have written a slightly naughty poem on a whiskey ringed cocktail napkin…tweet me and I’ll send you the link.


Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair

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