Flash Fiction Friday: The Contest Moves to a New Day

by Staff on March 7, 2014


Every Friday, we’ll be doing a series of collaborative competitions where an artist provides us with a photograph or a painting (or something else) and we will attach a short story of flash fiction that is 250 words or less.

We ask you to do the same and give us your best flash fiction story of 250 words or less which you can leave in the COMMENTS section below. We’ll choose the winning submission which will be published as a separate piece and featured on our front page the following Thursday.

To get you started, ours is after the break. Let this handsome fellow be your inspiration this week …

Flash Fiction - The Locket

Jeff. It had to be Jeff. Of all her lovers. It had to be him. She had so many suitors that passed through town. Why did it have to be him? She didn’t want to lose him. She didn’t want him leaving. She wanted to see him again. Why did it hurt so much more with Jeff? Perhaps because she really did love him. Unlike the others, she truly loved him. Oh, to be endlessly joined. Forever by her heart. Jeff was different from the others who came and went. Very different. That much was true. He wasn’t the strongest. He wasn’t the tallest. He wasn’t even particularly skilled. Most of those she shared her bed with had a special talent. But not Jeff. Nothing made it any easier. She couldn’t let go. Her lament was obvious. Her friends tried consoling her. They said he had no choice. He was doing what he had to do. It was his sacrifice. She was always going to have a rival. She knew that. There was no escaping it. It was a competition with no winner. Despite staring her right in the face every time they were together, she refused to acknowledge the reality. In the end, someone would get hurt. His brother also found true love. His brother had made up his mind. His brother was settling down. And Jeff had no choice but to join him wherever that may lead. It was impossible for him to leave his brother’s side. Impossible.

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