Fiction: Afterlife (Volume 3 Preview)

by Mike Monroe on January 30, 2017


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The door opened.  Herman Rennock turned away from the window and the flames outside.  Wearing only his purple silk bathrobe, he watched as two men and two women entered his bedroom.  The first man to enter was tall and handsome, with curly blonde hair.  He was dressed in a fur coat and he had an arrogant half grin on his chiseled face as he eyed Rennock with steely blue eyes.  The man behind him was large and had a black goatee.  He was dressed in a black suit and his hard face showed no emotion.  Both of the women were tall and beautiful and were wearing fancy white dresses.  One was a blonde, the other a brunette.  “Herman Rennock,” the man in the fur coat said.  “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Kay,” Rennock said nervously.  “I told you not to let anyone in.  Who the hell are these people?”

“I’m sorry, sir,” the soothing voice of Rennock’s home computer said.  “I no longer work for you, you arrogant, greedy asshole.”

The man in the fur coat chuckled.  “She works for the Duke, now.  Just like everyone else in this building.  Just like you.”

“I don’t work for anyone,” Rennock said angrily.

“That’s too bad,” the man in the fur coat said.  “The Duke was hoping you’d be of some use.  You see, you are now a worthless piece of trash.  The Duke owns everything you once owned now, including your wife, your daughters, and your mistress.”

Rennock swallowed.  “What are you talkin’ about?  Who the hell is this duke?”

“The Duke of Weston,” the man replied.

“He’s the Duke,” the pretty blonde woman said, nodding to the man in the fur coat.

Rennock realized the idiot was referring to himself in the third person.  “Where are my wife and kids?”  No matter what he thought of them, they were still his family.

“And your mistress?” the Duke asked, grinning.  “Yes, the Duke knows.  It’s going to be made public.  Anyway, they’ve been getting to know the Duke’s associate, Long John.  Word is they were reluctant to get to know him at first, but they’re enjoying themselves now.”

Rennock gritted his teeth in anger.  “If you touch any of them…”

“Oh,” the Duke said, “don’t worry.  The Duke will wait his turn.  There are other men waiting in line, too.  Ultimately, though, they’ll all be a part of the Duke’s harem.  Just like your mistress will be.  Yes, Long John’s had some fun with her, too.  And word is she loved it.  There is a reason he’s called Long John after all, and it’s not just because he’s tall.”

Rennock leapt angrily towards the Duke but he immediately felt something slam into his head and he stumbled to the floor, feeling woozy.  When he regained his bearings, he realized the big man in the suit had punched him hard in the face and his nose was bleeding.  He wiped some of the blood away.  “What are you gonna do with me?” Rennock asked the Duke.

The Duke smiled.  “Oh, I’ll have my fun with you, too.”  He walked over to Rennock and touched his cheek gently.

Rennock pushed his hand away.  “You sick bastard.”

The Duke nodded.  “You’ve probably never made a truer statement.  But it’s a shame you’re so resistant.  The Duke’s going to have you bowing to his every whim before this week’s over, whether you like it or not.  You’ll have an easier time if you just submit.”

“Never,” Rennock hissed.

“Everyone’s resistant at first,” the Duke said.  “You’re just like the rest of them, though.  Take away your money, your power, all your belongings…”  The Duke gestured to the room and the city outside.  “…and you’re worthless.  A piece of garbage.  The bandits roaming the desert are more fit to live than you are.”

“You’ll pay for this,” Rennock growled.  “One day you’ll pay for this.”

“Well, the Duke will have plenty of money now.  He’ll be able to pay for anything.”  He nodded to the two women.  “Take his robe.  Find a closet to lock him in.  If he resists, cut off an appendage of your choice.”

The women smiled and approached Rennock.  “Come with us,” the blonde said, drawing a long knife.  “We’ll show you to your new quarters.”  The other woman ripped Rennock’s robe off and he stood, naked and shivering.  The blonde took him by the hand and led him through the door, her knife touching his neck as they walked.

“How does it feel?” the brunette asked.  “To be the Duke’s little bitch?”  Rennock was silent, his mind full of fear and anger as he was led naked through the hallways of what had previously been his home.


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Afterlife, Volume 3, Chapter 1
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Herman Rennock has some unwanted visitors.
Ace and Della continue their search for Abby.
Shelly continues her search for Warrick Baines.

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