Eight Crazy Star Wars the Last Jedi Theories Based on the New Trailer

by Mike Monroe on October 12, 2017


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So I figured I’d post some crazy Star Wars theories I have regarding the new trailer. No real spoilers since these are pretty much all based on the two trailers we’ve seen, but if you’re super paranoid or haven’t seen the trailers, don’t read them, because I’d like to think I’m right about things at least 1% of the time.

1. Who’s the love story in this one? Rey and Kylo. Sounds crazy, but it would be a cool twist, and love could bring someone back from the dark side again but this time it could be romantic love rather than paternal love.

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2. Rey and Kylo are both torn between allegiances. Kylo’s definitely struggling between light and dark. Rey had a slight taste of the dark side when she was fighting Kylo at the end of the last movie. Perhaps their torn allegiances get even worse in the the Last Jedi and they somehow find a way to meet in the middle.

3. Luke will refuse to train Rey at one point because he believes she’s too powerful. She reminds him too much of Vader and Kylo. When she goes off with Kylo at some point after leaving Luke, Luke senses it and this is what brings him back into the game. He realizes that he really is the universe’s last hope. It’s up to him to either bring Rey back or defeat Snoke, Kylo, and Rey himself. If this change of heart happens in Luke this way, it happens at the end of the movie with the fates of both Rey and Kylo up in the air, to be resolved in the next film.

4. Rey’s parents don’t matter. She isn’t the daughter or granddaughter of Luke, Obi Wan, Han, Leia, or anyone else we know. She isn’t Anakin reincarnated. But she is the new “Chosen One.” She was created by the force, just like Anakin was, in order to defeat Snoke. Anakin brought a temporary balance to the force by destroying the Sith. Now it’s up to Rey to bring balance once again by destroying Snoke.

5. Finn could start to feel torn between the Resistance and his First Order origins. It would be cool if they focused on personal struggles within all of the main characters. What better or more obvious struggle for Finn than this one?

6. We might see Poe and Kylo go at it in an outer space dog fight. This would be cool, right? I only suggest this because they are the two best pilots of the new characters. Poe we’ve seen in action. I’m just assuming Kylo is awesome because of his pedigree and he was doing some crazy stuff in that space ship in the trailer. Reminded me of Anakin in Revenge of the Sith. So who’s gonna win this battle? I call Poe but only because he’s able to blindside Kylo in the style of Han Solo blindsiding Vader in a New Hope. I think it will be that scene where Kylo’s about to shoot the bridge where Leia is. Poe comes out of nowhere and saves the day. Of course Kylo isn’t killed though.

7. They didn’t show who was piloting the falcon beside Chewy. Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was Luke? He was one of the best pilots in the galaxy after all, but we never saw him fly the most famous ship in the Star Wars galaxy.

8. Snoke is a force vampire. If this theory is true, it might not be revealed in this movie. They might save it for the last one. So the idea is that he’s thousands of years old and he survives by sucking the force out of people. This is why he wants all of the most powerful force users in the universe. He sucks their life force, making himself far more powerful in the process. There’s a chance he’s already started doing this with Kylo. And those guys in red are like the Ringwraiths, zombies that were once powerful force users, now beholden to Snoke’s every whim. The scene in the trailer where he’s holding Rey with the force and she’s in pain is actually Snoke sucking her force energy. So he gets started with her, weakening her for the next movie. Who saves her? Could be Luke. Could be Kylo. Or he could just let her go himself for some reason.

So those are the biggest ones I can think of for now. I realize the trailer could be edited in such a way that it throws everyone off, but it’s still fun to speculate. Either way, I’m probably going to be way wrong on most of these, but I guess we’ll find out in December.

And of course, the new trailer, in case you haven’t seen it, or in case you want to watch it for the 3720th time:

And the other one:

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