Dear MK : Relationship Q & A … “Fear and Privacy”

by Mary Kay Holmes on May 27, 2014


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Dear MK :

I am truly hoping you can help me. I met the greatest guy recently, and it’s been such a long time since I felt any joy, let alone pleasure. Tall, handsome and amazingly charming; he is a total package. As we patrolled the walls for “biters” he let me keep my handgun, which is more than he does for any other women here in Woodbury. Plus, we had the most amazing time under the sheets before we were interrupted by his militia; he was so gentle and loving…

Here’s my question – I recently discovered this wall of zombie heads he keeps in aquariums full of water, and apparently he has an undead daughter he keeps chained up in a creepy cage in the wall. Oh, and he runs this crazy fighting ring at night for people’s entertainment, which I think is a little disturbing; and apparently he tortures and kills people on a whim.  Despite his little secrets, he’s so tender and caring when we are alone together. Should I look past his evasion of the truth and chalk it up to him being a private type? Is it so wrong for people who love each other to have things they keep solely for themselves?  I hope you can help me, I really like his expensive whiskey and I am ready to settle down somewhere I can sleep with both eyes closed.

Thanks!  — Andrea

Dear Andrea:

I think in some relationships, if the decision is mutual, you can opt to keep certain things private. Examples of these things would be journals, stickers of Henry Cavill, or a stash of Starburst you eat when your partner is sleeping so they don’t know you are cheating on your Paleo diet.  Running an improvised military from a throne he has built from fear, deceit, and the blind trust of homeless people seeking refuge from zombies who are trying to eat them probably does not fall into the “approved privacy” category. Although your bedroom life sounds very healthy, and no doubt is fulfilling, I’d say you may need to open the lines of communication and try to move forward with more honesty and less deceit. We all have skeletons in our closets, but when he is LITERALLY keeping someone in his closet we may need to evaluate whether or not he is truly ready to commit to you. My guess is that an undead child may eat up a ton of his time and energy, leaving less in his reserves for what you truly desire. Plus, what of this militia? Is it a 24 hour a day commitment for him? Seems to me you have some soul searching to do, but I would recommend taking a step back from this one and re-evaluating your options. Sometimes being on your own in the forest is better than sleeping with a man who may kill you in your sleep. Hope this helps!

Good luck – MK
governor and andrea

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