ShabbaDooToday_Breakin2Within minutes of walking into Shabba-Doo’s dance class for the first time, I could tell that his sessions weren’t a “vanity project”; i.e. staging generic dance classes to make money just because he has a big name in the industry. He actually does care that his students learn something by the end of the hour. Even though his students missed dance moves, or couldn’t lock down the routine, he didn’t just dismiss them as novices or non-talents. Instead he encouraged them and explained not to be concerned with missing steps. Dance is art, art is expression of self, be more concerned with the heart, passion, and the source of your motivation rather than perfecting a move you were taught. Because you may not be able to walk out of class with those moves memorized and perfected, but you can walk away with a different view or attitude on your abilities, feeling freer to express yourself, and all of that can filter into other aspects of your life. Read More…

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Descending Memphis – Interview with Author Robert R. Moss – His Life in Music and Words

by Sean Koepenick September 18, 2015

It’s extremely rare to have a debut novel hit the market and simply defy all expectations. Only a select few authors have managed to do it: Salinger? Kennedy-O’Toole? Well, add another author to that very short list. Descending Memphis by Robert R. Moss is a gritty, action-packed story from page one. The main character-Tommy Rhodeen […]

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Christopher T. Wood Breaks Big

by Tony Shea July 23, 2014

You might think that Christopher T. Wood looks familiar–maybe he’s the new guy your friend is dating, or maybe he was the salesman who sold you your new T-Mobile phone, or maybe he’s somebody you saw at the local McDonalds. Maybe he’s all of them, sort of. Big name advertisers have relied on Wood for the […]

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Tongue and Groove Founder Talks Lit – Conrad Romo Interview

by Tony Shea February 14, 2014

Conrad Romo is a second generation L.A. native. He grew up on the other side of the tracks (N.E.L.A.) short, stocky and swarthy. The first album that he bought was the soundtrack to the movie Bonnie and Clyde. The first concert he attended was ’68 for The Cream. He has been the subject of artwork […]

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Lovely Ladies of Bearding: The Whiskerinas

by Nate "Chops" Johnson October 25, 2013

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the camaraderie and brotherhood of the men in the beard and mustache community, but here’s something you may not know: there are ladies that compete too. Yes, I said compete! Don’t worry though, their involvement in is an arts and crafts venture – not a strange hormonal […]

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