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William BurroughsAmerica’s ultimate “Junkie”, William Burroughs would have been 102 today. One of the primo Beat writers along with Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and Paul Bowles, Burroughs was an unrepentant drug addict for most of his life, traversing some truly weird cerebral territory along the way and somehow living to be 83 years old, a feat which given the excessive nature of his lifestyle may be the most remarkable thing of all. Along the way he graduated from Harvard, killed his wife while playing a game of William Tell, wrote 14 novels, made numerous spoken word recordings, collaborated with numerous musicians including such disparate acts as Ministry, Tom Waits, and Kurt Cobain and appeared in the Gus Van Zant film Drugstore Cowboy. Read More…

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Chicks Dig Scars – The Life of Evel Knievel

by Tony Shea October 19, 2015

The great Evel Kneivel would have turned 77 last weekend. One of America’s ultimate badasses, Knievel died in 2007 at the age of 69. The pioneering godfather of extreme sports like the X-games, Knievel was a wild man living on the constant edge of death, stapled and sewn and bolted together like Frankenstein flying through the […]

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Me and Charles Bukowski

by Tony Shea August 16, 2015

Charles Bukowski would have been 95 years old today. The patron saint of writing drunks or drunken writers, Bukowski was a true American original who stared into the abyss and lived to tell the tale, producing more than 50 books of poetry and prose during his astonishingly prolific career. Through it all, Bukowski rode the […]

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The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience – Experience

by Tony Shea June 21, 2015

I decided to throw Jean-Paul Sartre a surprise birthday party just because I knew he would hate it. Surprise! He doesn’t look amused, and this amuses me.

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That’s Mr. T – Fool!

by Tony Shea May 21, 2015

His parents knew him as Laurence Tureaud, but the rest of the world knew him as Mr. T, a seminal character of 80’s film and television who became a one man product endorsement machine; Mr. T breakfast cereal, anyone?

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