Summer has come to an end – that is unless you live in Los Angeles, in which case summer will continue right up to Halloween. Hell, maybe longer, what with global warming and the record-setting drought that has blown up the power grid – 20 Million folks in SoCal turning on the A/C. I remember those unbearably long summers, for when Summer 2014 began I still lived in Los Angeles. Read More…

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Let’s Go Whale Watching LA, Shall We? [PHOTOS]

by Tony Shea May 12, 2014

Over Mother’s Day weekend, my wife and I took our son for his first boat ride, a whale watching expedition along the Southern Pacific Coast leaving from Marina Del Ray and heading north past Santa Monica and up to Malibu before swinging home in a three hour counterclockwise arc across the stunning blue waters of […]

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Best of the Garage

by Staff December 27, 2013

Since its launch in August, the Shea Garage has served as a repository for the clutter of life. Explosions, birthdays, dominoes, holiday celebrations. The garage stores all the strange and bizarre oddities from our world gone mad. To celebrate the end of the year, here is a collection of some of the more bizarre things […]

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Top 10 Comic Book Series of 2013

by Jay Hood December 16, 2013

  Let’s kick off the end of the year with an obligatory top 10 list.  This one will focus on something a little different.   This list avoids the big Marvel and DC titles and looks in on some of the non-caped crusaders (though Batman ’66 is a super fun read!).  These didn’t necessarily all […]

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The Best of Tony Shea

by Shea Garage October 16, 2013

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