Can a Telepath in 2031 Still Use Hand Gestures?

by Tony Shea and Dan O'Day McClellan on December 19, 2014


robot eyeIn our continuing series, USE THE PHYSICAL BODY, Dan O’Day McClellan and I examine how physical gestures can be incorporated into your daily life and help you create a powerful interpersonal communication paradigm with friends and close associates. Today, we’ll be focusing on upper body gestures using the arms and hands, as well as adding in some of the facial expressions we used last time.

For those unfamiliar with “Hand Gestures,” hand gestures are just that: using the hands to make gestures. Obviously,  this will be the first challenge for many of you who have not lifted a finger since the Wurst Corporation released the Thought Phone in 2019, making your body largely obsolete other than as the housing unit for your extraordinary mind. To begin with, remember that your hands are connected to your arms, which  likewise rise towards the shoulders. Now,  project a hologram, or imagine, your hands moving. Imagine them touching something or holding something like a holographic orange. That’s it. Do you feel them working? Great.

Now it’s time to disengage from your temporal headset and use your real eyes. Rise from your liquid sleep chair. Good. Go slow, since we don’t want to risk Usrtfielder’s Syndrome from too sudden re-physical-ization. Just take your time and gradually move about the room. That’s it – like learning to ride a bike. Now, interlock your fingers and give them a good cracking back and forth to really loosen those joints. Perhaps, add a splash of ceremonial perfume or cologne behind the ears and upon the wrists. Get all those senses working.

Let’s begin.

Here’s a fun and easy way to get started that has practical applications with your cloned offspring. You have most likely received your clone from Zygote Station 1977932864239 and are accustomed to caring for it via its telepathically controlled robotic wet-nurse. Don’t be frightened. You’ll find that interacting with your offspring while in your physical body is easy and provides tremendous benefits for you both, enabling you to deepen the psychic bonds of connection. New research from the Wurst foundation conclusively shows that babies love this one.

Dan 20

The face is covered, becomes an archetypal mystery. But wait, an eye peers through. I see you.

Dan 13

And peekaboo!

Peek a boo

Repeat. And….Peekaboo!

Next, Dan will extend his arm and “point” to something. This is a powerful way to call attention to something of interest. NOTE, such a gesture can also be used as a form of warning so be careful not to unnecessarily alarm anyone.

Dan Point 1

Hey, take…

Dan Point 2

…a look…

Dan point 3


Dan Point 4


Dan full point

Hey, take a look over there!

Finally, Dan will demonstrate a variety of gestures that you can use to turbo-charge your interpersonal communication paradigm. He begins by holding up a dynamic three- fingered wave that arrests the viewer’s attention, then moves his hand though a range of motions, each one conveying electric emotional impact.

Dan 28

I request your attention

Dan 24

Pssshhh! Ged’ outa’ here.

Dan 21

Look at that guy. You’d think he never saw a mechanical fish before.

Dan 15

Look here, in my eye.

Dan 14

Now, I’m looking at your eye.

Next week, Dan and I will sit down at a table together and use conversation  as we put all the steps from weeks 1-3 (Facial Expressions, Hand Gestures, and Auditory Elements) into a complete scene.

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