Benevolent Universe – The Art of Gus Harper

by Tony Shea on March 21, 2013


36″ x 30″

Reminiscent of masters like Diego Rivera and Georgia O’Keeffe, Gus Harper’s work is always highly original and heightened by a mystical sense of possibility. Gus has traveled widely around the world and his work has a symbolic and sometimes hallucinatory quality that crosses cultures.

Based in Santa Monica, Gus has had a run of successful gallery exhibitions and his work has been featured in numerous film and television shows including: Modern Family, The New Girl, Up All Night, and Dallas. In addition to his solo work, Gus has been involved with some interesting collaborations, perhaps most notably with LA’s own Gronk.

To learn more about Gus Harper and to buy or commission works, please click here.

The gallery below features a cross-section of work from several of his recent shows and is accompanied by a great time lapse video that gives you an interesting look inside Gus’s technique, as he paints a piece composed of 40 smaller panels in his “Grid” series.

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48″ x 60″

Blue Agave Grid Painting 4 3 x 4 3

Blue Agave Grid Painting
4′ 3″ x 4′ 3″

Fade to White Gallery

Fade to White Gallery

More Than Ever
40″ x 43″

30″ x 36″

48″ x 60″

My Wish for You Series (In Studio)

Suspended Moment
48″ x 60″

Orange Enthusiasm
48″ x 60″

Holy Hand Grenade
48″ x 60″

Pomegranite Grid with Stripes

Pomegranate Grid with Stripes

Modern Pomscape
48″ x 48″

Unraveling Rose Grid

48″ x 112″

Steady Under The Winds of Change
20″ x 30″

Collaboration with Gronk
48″x 60″

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Tony Shea ( Editor-in-Chief, New York)

Tony Shea is based in New York, having recently moved from Los Angeles after more than a decade on the sunny coast. His short films have won numerous awards and screened at major festivals around the world including Comic-Con. As a musician, he is the lead singer for Los Angeles rock n’ roll band Candygram For Mongo (C4M) who has been a featured artist on Clear Channel Radio’s Discover New Music Program and whose songs have been heard on Battlestar Gallactica (Syfy Channel) and Unhitched (Fox) among other shows and films.

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Catherine Scholl March 21, 2013 at 2:57 pm

WOW!  Mr. Harper’s work is so though-provoking and insightful.  I just love it!  I LOVE looking at art and having it just bring up emotion, rather than having to try real hard to figure it out.  It figures itself out…well, at least for me.  Very interesting, and beautiful work!   I’ll have to check him out at the Downtown LA Art Walk.

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