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robot eyeIn our continuing series, USE THE PHYSICAL BODY, Dan O’Day McClellan and I examine how physical gestures can be incorporated into your daily life and help you create a powerful interpersonal communication paradigm with friends and close associates. Today, we’ll be focusing on upper body gestures using the arms and hands, as well as adding in some of the facial expressions we used last time. Read More…

Postcards from Hollywood – Oscars Edition (PHOTOS)

by Tony Shea and Dan O'Day McClellan March 4, 2014

Ah, Hollywood! The Oscars! The festival of stars! Of course, I didn’t have access to any fabulous Oscar festivities this year. Not even a simple keg party invitation. So with nothing else to do, me and Dan O’Day McClellan  headed down to Hollywood Blvd to see what the common folk were doing. This is what we saw.

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CicLAvia – LA’s Awesome Day of Bike Fun [Video] [Pictures]

by Tony Shea and Dan O'Day McClellan October 11, 2013

Over the weekend, Los Angeles’ 8th CicLAvia event took place, closing down large sections of downtown for an all day bike ride that was incredibly fun. Extending across “The Heart of Downtown” in a 7.5 mile course, this version of CicLAvia included the 7th Street corridor, parts of the warehouse, fashion, and Pinata districts, Boyle […]

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Vixen DeVille Lights Up Nola’s Bourbon Nights Burlesque

by Tony Shea and Dan O'Day McClellan October 5, 2013

Burlesque is burning in Los Angeles these days, quite literally as I would come to find out after a recent trip to Nola’s downtown for a night of incendiary, old school, va-va-voom.

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Let’s go to the Closing Night Party at the Burbank International Film Festival, Shall We?

by Tony Shea and Dan O'Day McClellan September 10, 2013

The Burbank International Film Festival came to a close on Sunday night with an awards gala at Castaway, the picturesque Burbank restaurant nestled high in the Burbank hills, which afforded some magnificent views of the mind blowing California sunset. The event was a first rate affair with many notable attendees present. DanO and I were […]

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