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I love barking.

There, I’ve said it. And you know what? I’m not ashamed about it, either. The music of it echoing along my bony snout and my moist black nose tip is a rush like you wouldn’t believe. You might even say that I love barking so much that I’m addicted to it. I admit it. Can you?

When I hear the postman walking up the front steps everyday, I feel a kind of transcendental longing, a desire to be reunited with the source, that carries me away like a magic carpet made from the threads of a thousand barks.

Let me ask you this, if almighty Dog didn’t want me to bark, then why did he design me as the perfect barking machine? You don’t see cats barking, do you? Or goats? Nope. They make their own natural sounds that they were made to make. And you don’t see anybody telling a goat to stop bahhhing, or a chicken to stop clucking. But, boy, you start barking and everybody acts like the world is some kind of public library. Read More…