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Meagan Braganca is a writer, environmentalist, historical researcher and now presenter on climate change. She lives with her family in the Baltimore area. Follow her on twitter @mbraganca

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You could say I’m environmentally aware. I seem to know at least a little bit about a broad range of current issues: fracking – KXL – Pebble Mines – endangered gray wolves – Atrazine – whale hunting – GMOs, just to name a few. But a different sort of precipitously evolving environmental phenomena has quickly taken center stage, growing more alarming in each recent year. Record forest fires, warming oceans, drastic droughts, habitat destruction, all resulting in global widespread suffering and displacement of millions of people and animal species. What’s worse is the trend of these problems seem to point to a larger, looming more disturbing concern, a figurative umbrella of increasingly unnatural portents: our climate is changing. Rapidly. Read More…