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Lang Parker came to national attention on the Emmy-nominated NBC show Last Comic Standing. She floored judges when she came out in her rough tomboy attire and asked, “Have you ever been mistaken for a lesbian?” Judge Buddy Hackett said, “You are a star!” Born and raised in Muskego, Wisconsin, Lang keeps audiences doubled-over with laughter when she describes how hard it is for a backwoods girl to be feminine. “Yeah, I played with Barbie. I strung her from a willow tree and shot at her with a bb gun.” Lang’s television credits include: Beverly Hills 90210,The Ellen Show and over two dozen National Commercials. The winner of California’s Funniest Female Contest and when she’s not touring the country, she enjoys entertaining our Troops overseas. Especially Afghanistan where her heart goes. Just co- Produced a film - Top Drawer. Has her hands in many different cookie jars- Producer, writer, actor, performer, Director. She loves it all.

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photo“Hey Lang do you want to go to Afghan…” “YES!” Debbie Praver, a fellow comic, didn’t even finish the sentence and I was all for it. You’re probably asking “Out of all the places in the world why would you want to go to a war-zone?” Simply….to entertain our troops. Legally. I’m a standup comic. And when opportunity knocks you take it or kick yourself later because you didn’t make it happen, for one reason or another. I follow a new motto lately, which is… “Look, whatever religion you are that’s great but I’m not coming back and I want to experience as much as possible in this life time.” So that’s what I’m doing. Experiencing as much as I can.

A little background on myself: I would say Google me because I hate talking about myself, even though I’m in the business of promoting myself, but In a nut shell – 1st season of Last Comic Standing, over two dozen national commercials, The Ellen Degeneres Show. I’ve entertained our troops before in South Korea and Japan. But this was going to be a different kind of tour. This was in a war zone. Read More…