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Katy is a mother, a wife, and a TV producer, mostly in that order. Once she wrote some sarcastic things next to some pictures a guy took with her stolen iPhone. She was then semi-well known for three days afterwards. If You Must Know is what’s happened to her since then.

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With Shea Magazine nearing it’s first anniversary, I was forced to consider the passage of time, cats in the cradle, saving time in a bottle and my own mortality. Blink and a month goes by. Yawn and a year has passed. Binge watch a marathon of “Orange is the New Black” and your baby is ten and your kindergartener wants the keys to the car. And all the while, it hardly seems like you’ve changed at all.

It’s at times like these, I turn to the literary greats to set me right, but since I don’t really read, I have to turn to the dumbed down, pop-culture bastardization of their legacy. Hence, The Proust Questionnaire! (Please note Marcel Proust had nothing to do with the questionnaire, he just took it once and like an internet meme it was passed around the world so arduously its origin and original meaning have been all but completely lost).

In the process of packing up my house to move, I came across a Proust questionnaire I took while I was in college.  Some of the answers seem so ridiculous.  But as I took the questionnaire again today, I could see somethings will never change, and some things make me long for a do-over. Read More…

The Porn House

by Katy McCaffrey August 23, 2013

Things have been really calm and easy at our house lately. Summer took us in like a mother waiting with open arms and then she gently rocked us while we lazed around and had our hair patted. Uncomfortable with this type of ease and general happiness, we immediately decided it was time to move. Moving […]

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Erick Erickson Gifts for Father’s Day

by Katy McCaffrey June 12, 2013

Well, Father’s Day is right around the corner and since so many of you thanked me for my help when it came to Mother’s Day gift giving, I’m back with my helpful tips for finding that perfect something for Dad. Since I’m not dad though, this list was a little harder for me to write […]

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Terrible Mother’s Day Gifts

by Katy McCaffrey May 12, 2013

With the world’s most important day almost upon us, I would like to take this time to help out any last minute shoppers.  My email box has been stuffed to the e-rim with offers and suggestions from helpful merchants assuring that their product is exactly what mom wants.  But take it from me, please, most […]

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by Katy McCaffrey January 8, 2013

SAHM and WAHM often get mixed up.   For folks not in the mom-acronym game, those stand for Stay At Home Mom and Work At Home Mom – not to say that stay at home moms don’t work.  Believe me when I tell you they work.  That S is hard.  They just don’t get paid […]