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Jim Coughlin was born in Ohio but raised in the suburbs of St. Louis by a lovely family that lived across the street from his family.

His childhood was much like Mark Twain's, insofar as he was forced to work in a fence painting business at an early age.

He performs standup comedy regularly in the Los Angeles vicinity, hosting "The Jim Coughlin Show" at Henri's Restaurant in Canoga Park, usually on the second Friday.  That is all.

Jim has contributed 4 brilliant piece(s).

I was a Theatre Major at the University of Missouri in Columbia. One night, after a successful production of the play Look Homeward, Angel, a group of us from the cast and crew decided to drive out into the woods to a man-made cave. The important numbers to keep in mind are that there were three cars, eight people, and one flashlight.

The eight of us entered the cave which curved a few hundred feet in a semi-arc to the left. Besides me there was Todd, Phil, Matt, Greg, Tony, Vic and Angela. At the furthest end of the cave, there was a chimney like tunnel we planned to climb out of to reach the opposite side of the large hillside. Seven of us made it.

We hadn’t taken into consideration how tight the cave tunnel was compared to the largest member of our group, Phil, who was a big big fella with a little claustrophobia. Rather than go back out the cave and come up with brand new plans, we made exactly the same decision people routinely make in horror movies. We split up. Read More…

The Luck of the Irish

by Jim Coughlin March 16, 2013

In the fourth grade, I became a collector of four-leaf clovers. Word had gotten to me that Dyan Ortbal, a fellow fourth grader, had found a four-leaf clover. Suddenly, finding four-leaf clovers was something I could possibly do. I suppose if a kid from my neighborhood had made it into the NBA, maybe I would have […]

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In the Dark with Ozzy

by Jim Coughlin November 29, 2012

This is the story of how I found myself in complete darkness, alone, with the Godfather of Heavy Metal–Ozzy Osbourne. It was just a surreal minute or two. Also, I was dressed as Spider-Man. My friend Leesa Severyn, an actress, got me the job. She was helping produce an internal video for Activision about Activision […]

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Man Tries Baldness Cure

by Jim Coughlin October 9, 2012

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