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This post was originally published on September 2, 2014.
bman 1 with eyebar
Ah the lands of Facebook, Flickr and Instagram are abuzz with the sights and sounds of Burning Man. Even Seth Rogen announced at James Franco’s Roast on Comedy Central that he was going to Burning Man this year. Yes, it’s really the cool thing to do, at least once, and yet I’m not writhing in pain that I’m not sitting on the playa right now, or sitting in 12 hour lines that is Exodus.

2007 was my first of 3 burns, The Green Man. The themed burn all about going green and powering your camp with solar and composting your hippie hearts out. Being the proactive (read: anal) type that I am, I did as much research to find out EVERYTHING so I could anticipate my every playa need, complete with vinegar to soak my feet in when the alkaline playa dust ate away at me, to solar Christmas lights to light my tent & bike, even to a plastic jug holding kitty litter for those moments when I had to pee something fierce and didn’t want to leave my tent. Read More…