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Eric Hoffman was a writer/performer on HBO's Mr. Show with Bob and David. He is the co-author of the McSweeney's humor bible "Comedy By The Numbers." He is currently producing the podcast mini-series "Brainwarp: The Baby Eater" at  

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By Prof. Eric Hoffman and Dr. Gary Rudoren©

(From the book Comedy By The Numbers©, a how-to manual explaining the secrets of humor and popularity!  Published by McSweeney’s and available here.  Now in its historic 2nd printing.)

The 1st EVER step-by-step breakdown of a career that will last a lifetime!

SEE how a master did it!

LEARN why “the banjo” and “white hair” were “good ideas”!

HEAR that sound?  It’s MONEY!!
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by Eric Hoffman February 19, 2013

Eric Von Hoffman’s “BRAINWARP: THE BABY EATER” is the latest comedy podcast from Feral Audio ( A podcast in 6 chapters, Brainwarp is part serial, part sketch show, featuring the bizarre adventures of the world’s dumbest super-villain, BRAINWARP THE BABY EATER – the foul-mouthed crook with a radioactive brain. When the world’s most inappropriate comic […]

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Snuz Brothers – Milk Day

by Eric Hoffman January 8, 2013

WARNING: Do Not Watch While Under the Influence of Mushrooms! **You should follow Shea Magazine on Twitter HERE!**

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