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My Summer Vacation

by Daedalus Howell on June 17, 2013


PINK_FLOYD_WISH_YOU_WERE_HERE_PS01_frontWhen I was a wee lad of grammar school age, it was guaranteed that within the first week of the new school year, my classmates and I would be tasked with writing the dreaded “My Summer Vacation” essay. Apart from the occasional foray to the Happiest Place on Earth or being dispatched to my mother’s native Minnesota for some outsourced parenting, the long suburban summers of my youth in 1970s Sonoma County were precisely the same, year in and out. Which is why, when the composition books and the thick red eraserless pencils were distributed, notions of plagiarizing myself were hard to stifle.

If I had any sense back then, I would have just kept the previous year’s essay and written something in my mottled black and white book akin to “Like last summer about which I wrote [insert massive quote of last year’s “My Summer Vacation” essay], this summer was pretty much the same. The End.” Read More…

In the Grand Scheme of Things

by Daedalus Howell June 3, 2013

Your gadgets are going to kill you. Not today but someday soon and we’ll have only ourselves to blame. Because we gave them the Internet. There has been much chatter about the “Internet of Things,” I thought I should read up on it, at least before their uprising so that I can at least have […]

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Bass Fishing in America: The Search for Meaning in a Beer Bottle

by Daedalus Howell May 28, 2013

As an armchair Jungian, one of my factory-default-settings is a heightened sensitivity to synchronicity – the perception that separate phenomena may share some shared significance but without “any discernible causal connection.” Think of it as pattern-recognition-plus or being bisociatively-curious. Connecting the dots in this manner might be an earmark of  genius or paranoia, depending which side […]

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Happy Birthday, Salvador Dali

by Daedalus Howell May 11, 2013

In observance of Salvador Dali’s birthday, here’s a winky little ditty in his honor. I have no idea how old Dali would’ve been but it seems time didn’t matter much to the master surrealist, you know, given his trippy/drippy depiction of pocket watches.

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I Wrote the Plays of William Shakespeare

by Daedalus Howell April 22, 2013

April 23 marks both the birth and death day of The Bard. No one has enjoyed as much literary fame in the English language as William Shakespeare, despite being alive for a mere 52 years (and dead for nearly 400). For that matter, no author has also endured so much scrutiny as to the authorship […]

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