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Chris Bonno is a multi-hyphenate creative sort who lives and breathes in Los Angeles, California.  Originally from Houston, Texas, as an artist he received his Bachelor Degree in Studio Art ,with Honors, at the University of Texas at Austin. While in his junior year of college he started performing at the Comedy Workshop and with the local hit group, Esther’s Follies as the lead male cast member.  A professional comedian, he was once named the Funniest Person in Austin and has been touring as the feature act for comedian Hal Sparks for many years, performing all over the country and in Canada.  Bonno, in addition has been on tour in California with a group of performers including Rick Shapiro, John Fugelsang, Rick Overton, Edie McClurg, Tracy Newman, Gary Stockdale and more.  Also an actor, he has been on many sitcoms and independent films as well as many commercials and cartoons. Currently he produces, directs, writes and stars in his own experimental comedy web series Electric Bonnoland (found on youtube or on his website at  As a painter his work is owned by various show biz industry sorts like Laraine Newman, Paul Provenza, Rick Overton, Kelly Carlin, Cheryl Hines, comedian Andy Kindler and more. (For a more comprehensive list check the art section at  His painting of Conan O’Brien is currently the number one art piece at He’s illustrated for National Lampoon Magazine, the Writer’s Guild of America magazine, the LA Weekly and the Austin Chronicle to name a few. And he can sing.

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Chris Bonno recounts meeting legendary comedian Jonathan Winters, who died last week at the age of 87. One of the true greats, Jonathan Winters was as versatile as he was hilarious. During a career that lasted more than sixty years, Winters  was a comedian, writer, performer, and artist, who recorded  more than twenty comedy albums (receiving 11  Grammy nominations for Best Comedy Album) and appearing in dozens of television shows and films. An Improv comedy pioneer, Winters paved the way for comics like Robin Williams (who idolized Winters) with his rapid fire stream of conscious delivery shifting between a host of characters as easily as you might change your hat. Jonathan Winters was a true American original, a multi-talented comic who did more than just make us laugh. TS

Me and Jonathan

photos by John McDonnell

I met Jonathan Winters once. Heck, I got to bond with Jonathan Winters and spend a day with him – one of the best days of my life. It was July in 2010. My friend, John McDonnell, called me up and asked if he could give me a late birthday present. Did I want to have lunch with Jonathan Winters? “Yes!” I said in a slightly childlike squeal. Jonathan Winters was one of my heroes.

I used to watch him on the Wacky Wonderful World of Jonathan Winters when I was a kid. He would walk through an old attic filled with props that he would grab at random and improvise with, capturing my imagination many times. He could make anything funny. You could give him a stick and he would turn it into something interesting. He was unlike any other comic I had ever seen, an adult with a kid’s sensibility, making up voices and playing characters, having the most fun in the world. Read More…

Chris Bonno Stand Up

by Chris Bonno December 18, 2012

The hilarious and multi-talented Chris Bonno stops by to share some stand-up and songs – with an intro by Laraine Newman from SNL no less.

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