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Collector and watcher of (Horror, mostly) movies. Martial artist and part-time movie actor, producer, stunt coordinator and assistant director.

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The Door Knob

by Alfred Guy on October 31, 2014


Door Knob

If you’ve read my previous personal ghost story, you may remember my cousin, Johnny. This story also involves him. The events in this story were frightening. This is best read alone and at night.

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A Ghost Pulled Her Leg. Did She Pull Mine?

by Alfred Guy October 23, 2014

image via james hood “A Ghost came through the wall and pulled me out of bed by the leg!” At 9 years old, this is not what you want to hear from your aunt, as you start your weekend stay at her apartment.

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Top 666 Gory Horror Movie Scenes!

by Alfred Guy October 2, 2014

666! See what I did there? Actually I will list my top 6 horror movie scenes for this Halloween season. Fall and the Halloween season is my favorite time of year. So, I will be writing reviews for the movies I watch this month, as well as, other scary topics that pop up.* And oh […]

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