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has three heads - one for writing, one for filmmaking and one for playing steel guitar. His new film DEEP DARK CANYON will be released in April. He lives with his family in Hollywood.

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We are very pleased to present the work of reclusive northern California artist Jacques Levy, who is interviewed by his son, southern California filmmaker Abe Levy, about his six decades of work as a painter. Jacques’s entire body of work (over two thousand paintings and drawings) has recently been released for public viewing online.

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1978/07/02 Pen & Ink 17x13 3/4 in

1978/07/02 Pen & Ink 17×13 3/4 in

Abe Levy: I’ve always thought your paintings, above all, were about emotional space. From your earlier, curvilinear work (folio 06) in the sixties through your abstract color spaces in the seventies and early eighties into your more representational landscapes of the nineties and oughts, there is a continuity to the direct, immediate, visceral impact. However, I haven’t always been able to directly connect my interpretation of that emotion with what I perceived to be your emotional state. Is there a disconnect there? Do your paintings fairly represent your emotional state while you make them or is there a looser, freer impulse that is being presented to the audience. In other words, while art is subjective, are we feeling what you felt when you painted them? Read More…