Afterlife Character Profiles (for Volume 2)

by Mike Monroe on June 5, 2015


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Afterlife is a sci fi/western action serial published every other week. Join us in a post-apocalyptic journey through a future where life has become little more than a struggle for survival. However, where there’s life, there’s always hope.

Afterlife Character Profiles (for Volume 2)

Afterlife Volume 2 is coming June 15.  Here are profiles for the major characters that will hopefully help prepare you for the coming chapters. There are spoilers for Volume 1 so if you haven’t finished that volume yet, you should probably stop reading this article and head on over to the Afterlife Volume 1 Table of Contents.

Abby’s Group

Abigail Song:  She was once a wealthy young girl living in New Atlantis. Her family was killed, and now she’s in the desert fighting for survival. The latest incarnation of the fabled Prometheus, it’s up to her to lead the resistance to victory against Herman Rennock.

Memorable Quote: “Our world must be hell, then. It must be the hell of some other place where all of us committed atrocious sins of some sort, and now we’re stuck here until we die and either come back or are whisked off to some other hell.  It couldn’t be worse than this one, though.”

Bobby Brooklyn: He was a scavenger searching the desert sands for sustenance before he found Abby and revived her.  Now, he’s her trusted friend and companion.  He’s been tasked with retrieving Abby’s diamonds from the various towns they visit.

Memorable Quote: “I’m just a forager trying to make ends meet. I’ve been by myself out here after my uncle died several years ago. I happened to stumble upon Abby here and decided to help her. That’s all. I’m nobody special.”

Nat Bigum: He’s a legend known for his toughness and accuracy with a gun.  A former sheriff, he’s chosen to join Abby and help her cause.  He’s also training Bobby to fire a gun.  He previously trained Warrick Baines but the two are now bitter enemies.

Memorable Quote: “Don’t make me out to be some sort of hero, kid. Nobody’s that great. Heroes only let people down. Heroes get killed. And they say if you’re a hero and you live long enough, ya become a villain. I did what I had to, that’s all. I did it and that’s that.”

Michelle Hemingway: She’s a famous actress and singer among other things.  She’s thought by many  to be the most beautiful woman in the world, but her face was recently sliced up by Warrick Baines and she has prominent scars.  She was heartbroken by her brother’s death during the Battle of Primrose.

Memorable Quote: “We hung out with rock stars, athletes, movie stars… I really miss those days.”

Della Luscious: He’s a drag queen with an amazing voice.  He was also a leader of the resistance in Silver City.  He assisted Horseman and Michelle Hemingway, saving them from Warrick Baines’ clutches.  He promised Pastor Earl that he’ll watch over Abby and keep her safe.

Memorable Quote: “I’m not transgender, honey. Transgender means you identify yourself as a different gender from what you were assigned at birth. I’m a gay man who likes to dress like a woman sometimes. My gender identity is gay man. Get it straight.”


Alex Harris and the Bloody Six

Alex Harris: He’s a professor and businessman who is a leading member of the resistance.  He has joined Abby’s group after the Battle of Primrose.

Memorable Quote: “What we lack in firepower, we make up for with ingenuity and desperation. We’re defending our turf, remember?”

Sergeant Mark Gonzalez: He’s the leader of the Bloody Six, a team of elite soldiers he hand-picked.  He has a legendary temper which gained him the nickname “Mad Mark.”

Memorable Quote: “You could say we’re the best of the best.”

Jane Gonzalez: She’s the communications expert and medic of the Bloody Six.  She has been married to Mark for ten years.

Memorable Quote: “Of course, we’re all highly trained with the usual weapons, like laser pistols and rifles.”

Juanita Ricardo: She’s the sniper of the Bloody Six.  She and her family are refugees from the Mexican Territory.  She’s teaching Michelle how to shoot.

Memorable Quote: “I’ve seen governments come and go in various places.  None of them have been any better than the last.  It’s just a hard world we live in.  Hope?  Hope is for the weak.  It’s for people who don’t want to face reality.  I see what is and I act on it.”

Sera Knight: She’s the hand to hand combat expert of the Bloody Six.  She uses swords and a belt which emits an electromagnetic disruption field, rendering all electronic devices within thirty feet useless.

Memorable Quote: “I’ll take care of them.  I’m going to turn on my EMD belt.  It’ll take out our weapons, too, though.”

John Bernard: He’s the driver, mechanic, and RLR man of the Bloody Six.  He’s also a close friend of Paul Jacobs.

Memorable Quote: “What do you mean?  You don’t want to fight?  Believe me, the waiting’s worse.  You just sit here in your thoughts.  When you’re fighting, it happens, and then it’s over.  And you either live or you die.”

Paul Jacobs: He’s the explosives expert of the Bloody Six.  He’s a downed pilot, and though he’d rather be in the air, he’s found a place fighting with the elite unit.

Memorable Quote: “We got our shots in.  Let’s head back to the truck.”


Mavery and her Bodyguard

Mavery Thomas: She was a reporter living in New Atlantis who was exiled by Herman Rennock’s people.  She’s now trying to find a way to start a blog on the Satellite Net so she can get the truth out regarding Rennock and maybe gain more support for the resistance.

Memorable Quote: “Yeah, they don’t like activists like me too much there. I have to be me, though. You can’t change who you are. When the truth boils up inside me, I have to say something.”

Big Ed: He’s a former bandit who saved Mavery from a group of bandits and is now her bodyguard.  He’s also developing feelings for her.

Memorable Quote: “I was always big, so they just called me Big Ed. Not much to tell, really. I started stealin’ with a bunch of them to get by and I been doin’ it ever since, with whoever I can find. I try to steal from people who look rich, you know? People who can afford to lose a little.”


Herman Rennock and his Cronies

Herman Rennock: He’s the wealthiest business owner in the Southwest Territory, and is therefore the de facto leader of the territory.  He supports the interests of other businesses and sees the poor living outside the city walls, especially those associated with the resistance, as a hindrance.

Memorable Quote: “Good idea or not, it’s my idea, so you need to follow it.”

Deanna Tralley: She’s the owner of Tralley Aviation and is Herman Rennock’s mistress.  She shares his world views and sees herself as his equal.

Memorable Quote: “Well anyone who’s an enemy to freedom like she is has no place here.  She’s been working against my business also, publishing slanderous articles and such.  Nobody will be sorry to see her go.  Nobody who matters, anyway.”

Devin Hellier: He’s the enforcer in charge of the attempt to capture Abigail Song now that Warrick Baines is believed to be dead.  He’s assisted by several other enforcers, including Noah Flyman and Jorge Bautista.

Memorable Quote: “There isn’t much profit in the hero business.”


boarded up house

Rogue Antagonist

Warrick Baines: He’s the former leader of the enforcers in the Southwest Territory.  He was left a cyborg after a fight with Nat Bigum over a decade ago.  Now, after Bigum beat him in a duel and he was left for dead, Warrick is seeking revenge against Bigum, Abigail Song, Herman Rennock, and Devin Hellier.

Memorable Quote: “You shouldn’t say mean things to people before they kill you, Daniel.  It’s being a sore loser.”

The Internation Anarchy Organization: They are a mysterious organization which has surfaced recently.  Their graffiti can be found throughout Numurka.

Memorable Quote: “We are the International Anarchy Organization, and as of this moment, the world belongs to us.”

Read the Volume 2 Preview here if you haven’t yet.

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