12 Terrible Paintings from LeRoy Neiman

by Staff on August 2, 2013


­leroy-neimanLeRoy Neiman was probably the worst artist ever to rise to his level of fame, wealth, and prominence. The fact that he was otherwise so universally loved, commanding prices into the millions of dollars, can only be attributed to the fact that he made art for people who don’t like art, but who want to appear as if they do. His garishly hideous paintings, copied from AP press photos, are generic representations of people and events. His portraits don’t bear the slightest resemblance to the people they purport to be, beyond cliché trademarks – the way that a painting of someone with dreadlocks could be said to be Bob Marley. You could go to any high school art class in the country and find more inspired work. In summation, LeRoy Neiman’s work was simply terrible, and hopefully we will always remember it that way.

To that end, we present 12 of LeRoy Neiman’s awful paintings (although we could have done 50, a 100, maybe every piece he ever produced) in an unordered list, because to say which is worst would be impossible since they all suck so hard.

WARNING: These images can not be unseen so please proceed at your own risk.

Arnold Palmer at Latrobe

Arnold Palmer at LatrobeAn old woman swats at a bee with a stick. “Get away you darn bee!”


Elvis94 year-old Elvis poos in a diaper.

John Elway

John ElwayJohn Elway as a frightened young girl.

Bjorn Borg

Bjorn Borg cropped 2An old woman falls from her unicycle.

Howard Stern

howard stern Stern wears a rubber Joey Ramone Halloween mask.

Shultz The Wrestler

Schultz - the wrestlerBears celebrate after oral.

Stan Smith

Stan SmithA store mannequin at the dynamite factory.

Muhammad Ali

Muhumad AliI mean seriously, who is this? Who the hell is this?

Cal Ripkin

Cal RipkinCal Ripkin (see the 2131 in the background?) swept away in high winds.

The Statue of Liberty

LibertyLady Liberty gets collagen injections.

Frank Sinatra

Frank SinatraA drunk old timer turns the knob on an imaginary door.

Abraham Lincoln
leroy neiman Abe LincolnThe 16th President of the United States with leprosy.

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Tom November 5, 2014 at 9:55 pm

You are the biggest f……. Idiot I have ever seen. You wouldn’t know art if it fell on your empty head.

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