10 Signs That the New Hottie You’re Dating May Be Jesus

by Mary Kay Holmes on March 25, 2014


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10. The Beard.

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9.  The Burlap robe and nasty espadrilles.

the dude

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8.  The constant game of “Hipster or Hobo” everywhere you go.

Jared Leto with beard

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7.  The handmade birdhouse you got for Valentine’s Day.


*image via, birdhouse via your boyfriend.
6.  The unexplainable issues with His ever present Father.


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5.  The constant “Peace be with you” forehead kisses.


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4.  The creepy posse of admirers sleeping on the front lawn.


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3.  The whole walking across the water in the backyard pool thing.


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2.  The ex-girlfriend who constantly drops by to bathe his feet with her hair and fresh tears.


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1.  The man is super lean and fit despite a steady diet of bread, lamb and wine.


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The good news? You’ve got eternity covered if you can keep it together and refrain from drunk texting your ex. Good luck!

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