IMG_0276As I prepare to make the move from Los Angeles to New York, I’m seeing all the things I have loved about LA again with fresh eyes, with a renewed sense of appreciation, as I attempt to put my time here into perspective. It would be largely impossible to replicate the sense of wonder with which I viewed Los Angeles when I arrived here on these western shores from Maryland fifteen years ago, a 28 year old lad with a full head of lush blonde hair. I, just like you presumably, had been hearing about Los Angeles my entire life. What was it? I wanted to find out. And I guess I did. Continue…

This week we’re beginning a new feature called What People Say where we reveal things we’ve overheard during our travels, as well as the answers to embarrassing questions, and irate monologues, and just other random things that we hereby record in the great history book of all things. Fresh from his most recent “Crowd Favorite” win at the bearding competition in Sacramento over the weekend, competitive bearding superstar Nate Johnson shares What People Say – about his beard. TS

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Top 10 Beard Compliments I’ve received: Continue…

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The_NationalI’ve been getting into The National a lot lately. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and now residing in Brooklyn, NYC, The National has been around since 1999 and have thus far released six albums. Matt Berninger is the lead singer, who the Game of Thrones fans may recognize from the “Rains of Castamere“, and he has a deep brooding baritone like an Americanized Morrissey. The band’s lyrics are sophisticated and adult and in the case of the chorus below, alternately tragic and hilarious. Continue…

ciclavia tatooYesterday’s CicLAvia event in Los Angeles was another success as thousands upon thousands of Angelenos chose to abandon their cars and explore the city via bike and on foot, along a six mile stretch of historic Wilshire Blvd. Continue…

If you’ve never read Afterlife before, click here to go to the first chapter.


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Afterlife is a sci fi/western action serial published every other week. Join us in a post-apocalyptic journey through a future where life has become little more than a struggle for survival. However, where there’s life, there’s always hope.


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mr little jeans My favorite music coming out of Los Angeles right now is Mr. Little Jeans. This song “Good Mistake” is becoming some kind of addiction, I’m afraid. I keep scratching trying to get to the bottom of it, but I can’t seem to get there, listening to it over and over. Maybe’s it because her voice is set just far enough down in the mix that you can’t quite make it out. Maybe it’s the syncopated futuristic computer vibe which seems sexy as hell. The sultry quality of her voice makes me feel like I’m making love to a robot – which is something I would like to do.

A Norwegian by birth, Monica Birkenes moved halfway around the world to Los Angeles and became Mr. Little Jeans, taking up residence in the now legendary Silver Lake, before moving downtown to where the second golden age of Los Angeles is blossoming in full. Continue…

You've Got Me on a SeeSaw 4

I’m sorry
but I will not be able to look
at any more pictures of dogs drowning
in the heavy rains
or bleeding and abused
stabbed and tortured
with their sad up-turned eyes
waiting in the kill shelters
for their executions. Continue…